Thursday, December 23, 2010

Coming Soon...

Have you ever watched the E! Channel? I definatly have! E! has alot of exciting shows like...

Extreme Close-up
Keeping Up with The Kardashians
Style Star
Chelsea Lately
Top 10 Lists
E! News

Well, guess what? All of this is coming to Stardoll! Extreme Close-ups with Elites, our own Keeping Up with The Elites, Style Star, SugarShoez Lately, Top 10 and E! News. Revealing interviews with the people at the top of the pyrimad on Stardoll, fun competitons and only the best entertainment for our loyal viewers.

We are currently looking for the following:

Graphic designer :Taken
Personal Assistant :Open
Creative Director:Taken
Writers/directors :Open (5)

Contact me (sugar103) in my Guest Book or through comments if you are interested in any of these positions

Stay tuned, and let the Entertainment begin...

SugarShoez (sugar103)