Monday, February 28, 2011

Can you believe it...

*I found this draft by Jazzy..Chic she made brfore she left the blog. I though you might enjoy it. Also, stay tuned for a Style Star later today by Nour (kaami1990)*

Hello ladies, gentelmen and fashion fans :)

Jasmine is here with more fashion tips.

Umm... I was going to post about something that has to do with spring and summer,

but sadly not many elites are following this trend...

Lets hope they will next week shall we ?

Anyways, any lady loves clothes, shopping, make-up, nail polish... But also they LOVE or should I say ADORE accessories !!

So ... When I was searching through the internet, I saw some attractive , gorgeous and wonderful accessories so I thought I would share some with you :

Gorgeous bow/headband

Wonderful golden bag

And cute butterfly necklace


Oh and by the way, as we're talking about great necklaces

Some of our dear Stardoll elites are wearing this trend :)

And as we can see :

Yes ... It is our gorgeous Dei (To_Royal) . Comments - O-M-G ... Dei , Dei and Dei ... He outfits are positivly creative! So if you're searching for the meaning of "Creativity" then Dei is your right adress. Actually I always look up to her because of her fashion side.Adorble outfit as usual Dei . y 5/5 from E!


Wondering who is the other elite following this trend ? :

It's none other then Kasia (Undamyumbrella). Comments-I think Kasia's style is mostly colorful in a elegant way. She usse dark red ,dark blue, dark yellow etc ...

*And then she saved the draft! Haha! This is sugar103 posting someone else's work because she too lazy to get her but of the couch and think of ideas for her show. Also, please remember that this info (and outfits) were valid at the time of writing*



*Article by kaami1990

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Poll! What Shows are YOU looking forward to?

What Do YOU Think of the New Line Up of Coming Shows So Far?

Kiss On The Lips with GossipGirl4real

 Are you looking forward to Kiss on the Lips?
Yeah, Seems interesting!
Eh, I Don't Know yet.
Not Really, I'm not interested.

Jucii and Nicki Take Dollywood 
w/ Tapstar321 and Juciimami827
Are you looking forward to Jucii and Nicki Take Dollywood?
Are You Kidding? Yes, Can't wait!
Not Really.

How Do I Look? with ZOE_Couture
Are you looking forward to How Do I Look?
I LOVE the idea! I am definitely looking forward to it.
I have no clue.

What Shows are you looking forward to the most?
What are your Ideas?
Comment How You Feel!

"Because No Matter What... You Know Your Watching E!"

E! Interviews with Winniegirl123

Hey everyone! You may know me as the gossiper at E! or you may soon know me as the Elite Interviewer.

Every other Saturday I'll be posting all the gossip I got while interviewing a famous elite on stardoll, which YOU will help me choose!

There are so many people out there and I just can't choose who I should start with, so you get to decide. In the comments of this post, tell me who you would like to be the first person interviewed on E, and you can also suggest anything that you would like me to ask them!

Hope you like this idea,


Kiss on The Lips Show: Introduction

You think Stardoll's all about fame, fashion and friends? You're wrong, it's about lovers too.

Be with me as I give you interviews, news and gossip about the lovebirds on Stardoll.

Kiss on the Lips, a new show on E! of SD.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

E! Announcement

E! Announcement
Sorry, for the miscommunication. Just notifying everyone- the Jucii and Nicki Take Dollywood Premiere Party will be officially on March 4th at 6pm EST on a Tinypic link that will be posted on E!

Here is the RIGHT Invite:

E! Gossip with Winniegirl123; Poohg_1993?

Hey! I'm Winniegirl123 a.k.a. the gossip end of E!

I am here to dig deep and find out everything there is to know about all of the elites out there, so beware! Or sometimes, I may just give you the upfront news, though whatever it is I'm sure it will have you wanting more!

Note: Do not take anything I write personally, it is for entertainment purposes only.

Now, everyone out there has to know about Poohg_1993! Remember, she was famous for her exquisite sense of style, amazing presentations and one very peculiar thing... being hacked so many times!

Isn't she just gorgeous? Who could think that someone could change a person as beautiful as her into someone like this...

Of course, the HACKER can!

In the past year Mandy (Poohg_1993) has been hacked several times, several too many if you ask me! In all the times she has got hacked, nearly every rare has been sold, though she has managed to buy them back. This time it was a little different, the hacker didn't change the password so Mandy was still able to access her account so she could write a quick note on her presentation alarming everyone and telling them not to buy her rares.

That was a few days ago, though now if you search her name, you will see her account has been DELETED! Though don't fret, if you go to her back up account you will see this on her presentation...

She has contacted the stardoll staff to see who has been messing with her account and soon everything will be back to normal!

So I guess everything really does have a happy ending.

Until next time,


Friday, February 25, 2011

New Show: Jucii and Nicki Take Dollywood

E! of Stardoll Presents to you...
The first ever reality show stardoll has ever seen.

Jucii and Nicki Take Dollywood

Note: This is fiction based off of true events of the characters, but not everything should be taken seriously and must be remembered was filmed months ago.

You now officially have front row seats to the lives of Nicole Jones and Gillian Maxwell.

The season premiere of Jucii and Nicki take Dollywood is March 4th, 2011, and the shows will be released every Friday.
This is a show that will keep you at the edge of your seat, coming again and again.

A Season Premiere is always is a reason to celebrate. E!, Jucii, and Nicki are throwing a Premiere Party, and YOU are Invited:
Ready for a heck of a ride?

Jucii and Nicki Take Dollywood Ad

Sunday, February 20, 2011

How Do I Look?

Hello everyone! I'm Zoë Brooke also known as Zoe_COUTURE on Stardoll and I am going to be presenting the newest show here on E! called: ''How do I look?''

The show will consist of giving the ultimate make-over to a medoll who has asked for our help. They will receive a stunning beauty make-over including hair and make-up at Stardoll's most exclusive beauty salon: ''Salon de beauté.'' Followed by a trip to the Starplaza where we will browse shops for the medoll's perfect look. When all the finishing touches have been completed, we will reveal the finished look, and friends, family and special guests will be able to comment on the medoll's new look.

As well as the make-over, How do I look will give fashion tips and news during the show. Not only this, but when the show's first season is complete, viewers will be able to vote for the best new look from that series and the lucky winner will be awarded with lots of stardollars and prizes.

Now, you are probably wondering how you will be able to take part. Well, if you or a friend are in need of a fashion make-over, contact me via guest book, friend request or doll mail by clicking here and you may have the chance to receive an amazing make-over and win lots of wonderful prizes. Perhaps you are bored of your current look, or a friend's horrible fashion sense is driving you crazy! You can nominate yourself or a friend to receive this make-over.

Unlike most shows on Stardoll, How do I look? will be aired in video format, therefore you guys will be able to watch it just like a normal TV show. Hopefully our first episode will be aired next Saturday!

I was planning on posting a ''spoiler video'' but I decided that you will just have to wait ;)

Until next time.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Style Star :Classic,simple and elegant!

Hey gorgeous :)
I am Jasmine aka Jazzy..Chic
I am here to post about Style Star.
If you ever wanted to look like an elite,or you ever wanted to know about their style...
Then I am here to help you !
Our first post is about two wonderful girls .
Wonder who they are?
I'llgive you some hints.
1-We all known her by Miss Diva. Fashionable,strong and amazing , sweet girl.
It's none other than our great Lolita (Miss_LolitaF).
2-So fashionable,trendy and creative. Amazing MeDoll and suite, amazing outfits. Always surprises us with her wonderfull ideas.. It's diffenatly out wonderful Jenny (Bubblyminty).
There style is a bit alike ... in what way ?
Lets have a look here :
(Miss_LolitaF in the picture)
Her style-So elegant and cute. But fashionable of course, this is Lolita :)
She looks wonderful here even though her style is simple! Wearing an amazing long dress and amazing earings ... How simple is that? BUT AMAZING .!
5/5 From E! Lolita.
(Bubblyminty in the picture)
Her style-Oh dear Jenny...I adore her style. She makes things up, she creates her outfits herself
and this IS creativty itself .She wore an elegent black,long dress and another short dress (Two dresses) !Fashionable fur on her shoulders (DUH :]) And long dress gloves ,and I must add and say that I love her bag, so fashionable Jenny .
5/5 From E! Jenny.
What they have in common ?
Both chose to wear long dresses,and chose to be classy and elegant, but they never forgot their fashion sense.Well done to each of you!
How to dress like them ?
Wear long dresses. If you want to have Lolita's style be simple but fashionable. If you want Jenn's style, be fashionable and create your clothes, mix things together in smart way.
So,I really hope that you've enjoyed the post...more to come soon!
Thats it for now :)
Ok then, until next time
~Jasmine xoxo


Step right up ladies and gentlemen, becuase E! of Stardoll is now officaily open!

Expect entertaining, fun, exciting posts to appear very soon!

Also a brand new show run by... ZOE_Couture!

That will be all

Friday, February 18, 2011

The Big Day is Here!

Ladies and Gentlemen...

I am proud to announce that E! of Stardoll launches on tomorrow, 18 February 2011. We have some VERY exciting suprises for you up our sleeve. But as of now, the officail E! of Stardoll Team:

sugar103 (SugarShoez): Owner, Writer, Events organiser

winniegirl123: Writer

JuciiMami827: Writer, Graphic Designer

tapstar321: Creative Director, co-writer (with JuciiMami27)

We also have a suprise personality that will join us tomorrow. Keep your eyes on the screen people! Of course I wouldn't leave you without something exciting going on:


Come to the opening of E! Is that all? No!
What should you say?
Give us 10 reasons why you should win. Win what you ask? LE


You have to be a follower of the blog.
Comment witn your blogger account and include your Stardoll username.
One entry per person

Remeber that you also get a SS gift for every 5 people you invite to the blog.

With that said... see you tomorrow.

SugarShoez (sugar103)