Saturday, April 30, 2011

Competition time!

Win 5O Stardollars, or 15 Stardollars ...

Hello, ladies, and gentlemen.

I decided to make a competition, with huge prizes. So this is how it goes. You go to Starplaza, or your Suite, dress-up your MeDoll in spring-themed outfits. Go to LUXE or Dot etc.. Put on some Make-Up on your MeDoll, take a Print screen of it, upload it to Tinypic and comment on this post. Write a small description about what you love to do during Spring.

There you go! As simple as this. But...there are some rules...


1. You must become a follower of this blog.

2. Your entry most contain a Tinypic link. No other links will be accepted.

3. Staff members are allowed to enter.

4. Comment on this post with your Stardoll Username, entry link and your description.

The deadline is on the 15th of May. I just want to give everyone enough time to enter.


First place winner receives 5O Stardollars, if she/he is a SuperStar then they receive their prize through StarBazaar, if she/he isn't a Superstar then they receive their prize with gifts of their choice.

Second place winner receives 15 Stardollars if she/he is a SuperStar then they receive their prize through StarBazaar, if she/he isn't a Superstar then they receive their prize with gifts of their choice.

So, yeah.

~ Nour xoxo

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Quick E!

Our Media Partner, Fashion-Lifestyle is re-opening and what better way to celebrate than with a party? We are also partners with this party and I can promise you this.... this is an event NOT to be missed!

Hope to see you there!


SugarShoez (sugar103)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Get The Look: Kate Spade

Let me just say, I love Kate Spade! It’s even my theme for Google Chrome. Dedication, right? ;). And who would think a designer would be a theme? Anyway, know who else loves Kate Spade? Spencer Hastings from Pretty Little Liars (not the actress, though I’m sure she does too, the actual character from the books and everything), and that should be enough for anybody! But if it isn’t just look at this ad campaign.

Kate Spade

The design includes some of the biggest trends, including color, stripes, and long-strapped bags! Here’s how to Get The Look.

The Look:

Wow, that Wild Candy checkered dress is a knockout. It's got lots of funky checkers in a whole array of different, bright colors. It is pretty much made exactly to look like Kate Spade! And you can tell by the 14 SD price tag.

The Evil Panda green apple shoulder purse for 4 SD is in perfect keeping with the long-strapped bag trend, and it comes in a vivid lime green. I adore the color and the overall design of this bag, there's something just irresistibly fun about the apple shape, although some people may say it's tacky...

Head over to Pretty in Pink to pick up the pretty sandals, 3 SD. They look a lot like the heels in the ad campaign, don’t they?

To accessorize the look (bags and shoes aren’t accessories, they’re necessities) grab the Pink Pearl necklace at 5 SD. It really finishes off the look nicely, doesn’t it? Plus, it matches the shoes, and while many people think that the biggest thing you wear is the focal point (the thing with the most "area" in Math Geek terms), I do love my shoes.

Wow, with something as unique and (not classically) stylish as Kate Spade, it’s a shame Fashion Week already ended for this year! I think I deserve a spot on the runway next year, what about you?

Don’t answer that... I already know what you’re going to say.


Saturday, April 23, 2011

Get the Look: Coming soon

Ever adored that outfit or style but not been able to buy it because you didn't have enough stardollars in your virtual Louis? Admit it, darling, we've all been there.

Or maybe you can't rock the look you've been pining after because it's all Superstar.

Don't fret, hon, I'll show you how to Get The Look, because high fashion doesn't mean high prices.

Coming soon on E... watch out for it ;)


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

On Holiday!

Hey dolls!

I am so sorry, since it's the Easter Holidays, I am going to Paris, France. And I just wanted to inform all of you that I won't be posting for a period of time.

I hope you all understand.

Oh, speaking of, where did you go? Somewhere special? Share with us!

P.S ;

Bunches of love,

Nour xoxo

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Style Star : Glamour & Party Looks! *MAKE-UP!*

Hey, pretty! It's Nöur , I haven't posted in ages, sorry for you people out there who have been waiting for this post! Anyways, I am here with new fashion post! Today, is an exclusive episode. We're going to be talking about glamour looks! And I am doing a Make-Up tip. ! Yaay! Let's start! A girl we all know, a fashionable girl! With her amazing fashion-line she surprised people... And YES it's none-other than our lovely Marcela a.k.a .Marcela..

About her outfits - I totally get what Marcela was trying to achieve through this look. She tried to mix-between summery-look and glamoury-party-ish look and she totally achieved it! What I think - O-M-G , I am so in-love with those outfits! No, seriously, I am! And with this hair-style she added a touch of classy, into her outfits. I am totally in-love! 55 From E! Next, a girl who is very well-known by creating the first ever-Stardoll magazine, oh-yes! It's our gorgeous Style a.k.a Style_Magazine

About her outfits - Style, was trying to wear-something elegant, and party-ish something... that will beautifully stand out. With that hair-style, Style made her outfits look girly which is simply amazing! What I think - Seriously, Style IS stylish! Her outfits are so simple, yet amazing. But what also, made her outfits look prettier and stand-out even more is her Make-up and hair!

55 From E! Now that we saw their outfits... It's the time for Make-Up! I decided to do Marcela's make-up (Style's make-up was very hard, haha, and I didn't have some of the items) , let's have a closer look atf her gorgeous MeDoll :-

Her make-up - Marcela only used the well-known Black and White Make-up, red blusher, small-amount of LUXE's Lip-gloss, and completed her look with a beautiful earrings. Now let's try and achieve the perfect Marcela look!

After you do those steps ^ let's get on with the make-up :-

I hope you enjoyed ! What do you think ? xoxo Nöur

Commercial break: Are YOU our next presenter?

E! of Stardoll has a lot of amazing presenters...

Me! (sugar103)/Alice


---Neon---/Cleo LadyGagaMcQueen/Amanda kaami1990/Nour
Juciimami827 /Gillian/Jucii




And... you?

Yes, you! We are currently looking for our Top 10 presenter! Think it could be you? Follow these steps:

1. Write me a short piece. Anything. It could be fashion, gossip. Something from which I can get an idea of your writing style.

2. Send it to me:

-By message (sugar103)

I prefer email, but message is fine!

3. Wait for the announcement!

I'll post the winner as soon as I found the perfect doll for the job!

I hope we get alot of applications! Even if you don't get the job, your entry will still be saved and maybe we'll push on your button if we ever need another writer ;)


SugarShoez (sugar103)

Monday, April 11, 2011

Doll Showdown: Ruubin vs freeduck_

Hey there, competitive dolls.
This is the first ever episode of Doll Showdown, created by me, GossipGirl4real.

The first two dolls that I chose to compete for the Doll Showdown championship today are very well known.
They are known for their blogs and the blogs that they write for. They are also known to be good friends, although sometimes they argue. They're Ruubin (Selena) and freeduck (Jack)

Maybe they're both great writers, but there can be only one who is greater than the other when it comes to Stardoll accounts.

Let the showdown begin!

                                                     Selena                                Jack

The first one that i'm going to judge is their medoll (and the outfit that they're wearing when this post was made.)
I can honestly say that Selena's doll looks better. She looks professional and very classy compared to Jack. Even though I always love edgy outfits, I kinda hated Jack's.

Selena = 1 point
Jack = 0

SUITES (Only the room where the medoll is)


Selena got 2 points in a row for me. Her suite is very organized and pleasant to the viewers eye, on the other hand Jack's suite looks messy. His suite maybe cute, but it looks unfinished.

Selena = 2 points
Jack = 0
1 more point to Selena and we will have a winner :O

Sceneries (The first scenery display only)


1 word: ewww!
What's these? I can't believe I just called these things "scenery."

No points for both!

I think we found our winner, and it's Ruubin. Even if we didn't checked both of their albums, Selena already have 2 points and Jack has none, which means he's not gonna be able to catch up.

Congratulations, Selena. You're now the current Doll Showdown Champion!

And now for the viewers, if you think you're better than the current champion then post a comment here with your stardoll username.
You might get a feature here and face Selena on Monday ;D

Will she be able to hold the title for long?
only time will tell.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Goodbye Kiss on the Lips, Hello Doll Showdown!

The latest episode of "Kiss on the Lips" is officially the last one you'll see.
I just ran out of ideas from that show and wanted to introduce you, the viewers, to a whole new idea.

I will have a new show here and will drop "Kiss on the Lips."
My new show is entitled: Doll Showdown!

From the title itself, I guess you've already guessed that this show includes competitions.

Basically, this show is about comparing. I will feature two dolls in every episode and will compare them based on their looks, suites, sceneries and albums. The winning doll will have the title of "Doll Showdown Champion" and she will have to defend it on other competitors who wants to challenge her.

Sounds exciting right?
The first episode of "Doll Showdown" will be posted tomorrow.
For now, just fix your dolls, suites, sceneries and albums because you might be the first one to get featured here.

Be Yourself...

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Seeing Music : 'Till The World Ends'

Hi, guys ! LadyGaGaMcQueen here !
So today I'm gonna talk about Britney new Music Video !

Till The World Ends

"Keep on dancing till the world ends."

Do you know this date ?

This is the world ends date for the Maya Calendar. You should also know that a Movie was made last year about that date : '2012'.

First I just want to say that scientists are not sure about that date and maybe this is really the world ends ! What scientists say is that they're sure it will happen something at this date, but they don't know what exactly so they can't tell us...

But this is another topic and I'm here to talk about the Music and the Music Video !

Who's Ray Kay ? Well... he made 'Poker Face' Music Video...
Such as Jonas Akerlund made 'Hold It Against Me' but before he made 'Paparazzi' and 'Telephone'.
I'm not saying that she's copying, because she's not ! But she's only taking the same GaGa's Director for her Music Videos, and I'd rather say that if she want to be the best, she need to do it ! 

So the story could be normal, or as expected but I really like it ! People are getting hot and stones are falling from the sky so they need to find a safe place in the sewers of a city in order to join Britney on it.

Then if I had to talk about the colors of the shots, I'd say that I love it too ! This kind of gold with this copper and bronze is wonderful !

(I love her dress !)

(And that jumpsuit !)

As she needs to wait until the world ends. She dances and she still is an amazing dancer !

And at the end of the Video...

The World is safe !

I'll let you think about that...

So what do you think about the Music Video ?
Do you like it ?
Do you like her outfits ?
The way she dances ?

And now as every end of post here's the Music Video. Enjoy !

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Seeing Music : 'E.T.'

Hi, guys ! LadyGaGaMcQueen here ! 
So today I'm gonna talk about new Katy Perry (feat. Kayne West) Music Video !


I love so much this Music Video ! 
The colors are beautiful, the Music is really beating and quite futuristic.

The story isn't really complicate actually. Kayne is somewhere making him chorus on the space ! And Katy's looking for love with an 'E.T.'.  We can see some little videos of animals and vegetables really fast, which I get as a 'DNA' that can feature all of that things.

The Make Up !!! Wouaou the Make Up is really Amazing ! Without this Make Up the Music Video would be the same !

Like the Make Up, she wears Amazing dresses that make beautiful pics !

And at the end, she kisses him, in order to transform him in human (or maybe something else !). I let you judge !

So what do you think about that Katy's brand new Music Video ?
What do you think about Kayne's part ?
What do you think about the dresses, the make up and the story ?

And now as every end of post, here's the Music Video ! Enjoy !