Sunday, July 24, 2011

A few updates

You all saw teenmogirl's post. You either loved it or hated it... judging by the poll, most of you loved it!

So I just want to say welcome to teenemogirl! Keep on the lookout for her posts!

Also, I'm working on a new layout, sorry if the blog looks weird for the momet ;)


SugarShoez (sugar103)

Monday, July 18, 2011

Sunday, July 17, 2011

"Crazy Fashion"

Hey everyone,I am teenemogirl (a trial writer) and i will be writing about "Crazy Fashion" which is FUNNY :P,okay now let's see,today's post;

Let's comment on every photo
,now this. ^^
If i saw someone wearing i will be like dying from laughing.xD

Well,i can see your body if you wear this! :P

This is not a dress,if you wearing it,then this your home.xD and maybe even you can't get inside your real home because you will be so big! :P
This outfit is called, "70's Bush." Ladies, this is what happens to you if you don't shave down there.

If you hate someone,you can buy them,so you just compare them with the shoes,or hit them with it! :P

Oooo,No comment. :P

You can put some birds inside with you,as accessory!

seven pictures,because 7 is my luckiest number.xD
Byee,for NOW!


Saturday, July 9, 2011

Seeing Music : 'Best Thing I Never Had'

The lovely, speechless and beautiful...


I love the music video! It's a wonderful wedding, with a beautiful Beyoncé and amazing shots.

Above, just a few!!! But you have to admit... she looks gorgeous and so the shots!

I kinda think it's inspired by a movie... bus as I am not sure... I'll you tell me your thoughts about that in the comment section!

I guess I am quite speechless watching such a beautiful Music Video...
But also, we can just enjoy things like that... she doesn't take too much risks, it's the only thing bad I could say.

So, what you think about the Music Video???
The shots?
The Music???

Now as every end of post, ENJOY the Music Video:

Monday, July 4, 2011

Graphic designer needed!

NOUS has a BIG opportunity to offer all those graphic designers behind the computer! I won't be telling WHY, the only key I'm giving is that it is for the show! So, if you are a graphic designer and want to help us, please fill the application form:
Sample of your work:

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Seeing Music : 'I Wanna Go'

"Shame on me!"

First, I like that kind of things! I mean the credits are not awful letters with an awful font that the director added on the shots! 

I like the idea of the conference, it's really original.

But personally, I hate her outfits...

I think that if there is a sign... It means the past when she was at Disney!

Is that a new style? Is she changing? Or does it means that it's not her she acting someone else?

I would say that she's acting like a teenager... She wants to go!!! She's doing sexy things, just for being commercial (I have no problem with commercial things!) so it's good actually.

Kill them with a microphone!!!

That's not... good-looking... but it's original!

But they are robots!!! Are realizing that there is a story! I like this Music Video! Seems to be fun! :)


When she realize that it's a dream... This is the most 'cliché' thing, so I'm a bit disappointed by an end like that...

Last thing... Is that for MJ??? Hmm... Yes, so it's good! ;D

So what do you think about the music video???

Now, please, enjoy, the, Music, Video!!!

Friday, July 1, 2011


I'm really sorry to anounce that the party will be cancelled today because of personal problems. I will move the party to next Wensday and I'll create a tinychat for it, so it will be easier to talk. Pleeaaase forgive me,
Xxx, Lulita

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