Monday, May 30, 2011

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Made by Dei (To_Royal)

Yes! Beg for More and E! is officially teaming up to present to you the greatest competition ever!


SugarShoez (sugar103)

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Seeing Music : 'Don't Stop The Party'

First seeing the Music Video, I was kinda disappointed. Guys! 6 minutes without any lip singing, 6 minutes without a story... Just 6 minutes of NOTHING!

Today I don't hate as much as I hated it when I first saw it.
But I still don't really like it, I haven't bought the Music Video on iTunes and never ever listen to the Music.
So it's a both disappointment for the Music and the Music Video.

But without thinking about that, just let me talk to you my thoughts about the Music Video.

Of course 'Don't Stop The Party' should be a long Music just because of the title, but a song like a party needs to be stop anyway. So is that okay for 6 minutes ? Yes, it could be worse.
Then I think that the shots are good, but not Amazing, they're from shows, their life traveling the world and seeing a lot of things. Most of the time they're in Brazil.

But there is not a lot of futuristic things...

Well this post was short, but I don't really like the Music Video, so I just let you tell me if you like it or not on the comment section of the post.

Now, as every end of post, enjoy the Music Video :

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Seeing Music : 'California King Bed'

Rihanna presents 'California King Bed'

We all knew that Rihanna is really beautiful. But in this Music Video we can see amazing focus on her face with her beautiful eyes, lips, nose, checks...

So she's in a paradise place with a man, in a California King Bed. She's in his arms and after she's not anymore...

The colors of the shots are really amazing! Then in the 3rd verse the shots are in black and white to change a little bit.

I have to say that it's a very good music video that I really like but not my favorite...
Such as the Music, it's not my favorite and the Music Video is not crazy or fantastic because of the story or something else.
She's only in one place during more than 4 minutes...

What do you think about this Music Video ?
Do you like the story ?
Do you like the shots ?

So as every end of post, enjoy the Video :

Friday, May 13, 2011

Doll Showdown: Ruubin vs LadyGaGaMcQueen

Doll Showdown is officially back on track and today you're about to witness a battle between 2 well known girls in Stardoll. The current Doll Showdown Champion, Ruubin will take on her challenger, LadyGaGaMcQueen.

I'm now gonna start judging them by their dolls.



I personally think that Selena's doll looks better. Her outfit is glamorous and absolutely stunning, while LadyGaGaMcQueen's looks a bit over accessorized.
Ruubin = 1 point
LadyGaGaMcQueen = 0




Hmmmm, I think Ruubin's suite is very organized but LadyGaGaMcQueen's suite is extremely cute. I love the flower bed on her suite and that made her earn a point from me.
Ruubin = 1 point
LadyGaGaMcQueen = 1 point




LadyGaGaMcQueen gets another point for me. That scenery of hers requires a lot of time and effort to do and she was able to give just that, on the other hand Ruubin's scenery is plain simple and a bit effortless.
Ruubin - 1 point
LadyGaGaMcQueen - 2 points

Albums(1st page only):



 LadyGaGaMcQueen's album is simple, yet stunning while Ruubin's more playful and colorful.
I think i'm gonna give the two of them a point for their albums for the both of them did a great job.
Ruubin = 2 points   
LadyGaGaMcQueen = 3 points

There you have it, we have our new Doll Showdown champion and that is LadyGaGaMcQueen!
Do you wanna be featured in Doll Showdown and challenge the current champion for the crown?
If yes, post a comment in this post with your username and your answer for this question:
Why do you think you can beat LadyGaGaMcQueen?

I'll be waiting for you.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Seeing Music : 'Judas'

Are you ready for something... AMAZING ?

I just can't believe she made it!
In order to present the Music Video, first I'd like to say that LauriAnn Gibson was the choreographer of the video and also the co-director!
(she's always her choreographer, but it's the first time she directed something for GaGa)

So I decided to make 3 parts (as for my last GaGa post for BTW)


You all have to know that Judas is a bad boy! Yes, he is! 
But this is not all...

There are 12 apostles...
You'll all be able to see their name in their jacket during the Music Video.
But I don't know if the sense of their appearance during the Video is important...

She was the sinner who found her salvation in her encounter with Jesus. Its fisheries have been forgiven because she has shown great remorse. When Jesus is crucified, she's with Marie (Jesus's mother) and John among his last faithful. With another wife she'll discover the Jesus tomb empty and an angel say to them that Jesus is resurrected.

You all know who is Jesus, but what I want you to remember is that in his day Jesus was a troublemaker. Also he's consider himself as the god's son, during his lawsuit he says to Pilate (the governor) that he's really the king of the world. To laugh at him, soldiers braided him a crown of thorns and they prostrated themselves before him saying : ''Hi, King of the Jews!''

Knowing that the enemies of Jesus tried to seize him, he delivered him to 30 pieces of silver.
He is an apostle.
After the dinner, where Jesus had predicted that one of his apostle will betrays him, he retired on the Mount of Olives. At this moment Judas kissed Jesus for him to be recognize by his enemies.
Later, seeing that Jesus was convicted, Judas was remorseful so he gave back the money and went and hanged himself.


There aren't 12 apostles in the Music Video but 9...
And bikers are often described as angels evil...

GaGa is Marie-Madeleine even if we all know that Marie-Madeleine never wore these clothes...
She's shared between evil (Judas) and good (Jesus).

Jesus wears a thorns crown.

Jesus is saying that he's accepting what she's about to do.

This means that she allowed him to kiss Jesus.

The water means the purification.

She washes his feet with water, and in the religion is to be polite to wash the feet of the people who come from a journey. Also Marie-Madeleine did it with her hair.

Another pic that shows she's shared between the to man.

GaGa apologize because she knows that she made something bad.

The end of Marie-Madeleine ?


As in every movie or every kind of long videos you may haven't really saw some things because it was too fast. Let's see if you keep your eyes open and so did you noticed that ?

On this scene at one shot she's dancing with the girls and on the one she's dancing with the guys!

What's 'Electric Chapel' ? A song from the album Born This Way...

Was Marie-Madeleine really there at this moment ? None knows, it's probably GaGa's interpretation.

And now please :

The winner is :

So she's on my show!
And she'll be telling me all of what she thought first seeing the Music Video!

"Of course, I Loved the video as much as I love everything GaGa does
Because I'm ... more open minded I guess?
I don't jump to conclusions, I pretty much get her and understand her.
Yes, It would warm my heart more if she would be in love with Jesus
But we all know that it would be a lie. By being in love with Judas
it means that she is sinful and that she finds being "bad" seducive.
I think we all do, because girls tend to fall for more"Bad Guys".
I adored her white outfit in the end the moste, and I was amazed by the accesories
And makeup. Also the outfits was just breathtaking."

I want to know! :)

So now like at every end of post, ENJOY THE VIDEO LITTLE MONSTERS!!!


Monday, May 2, 2011

Get the Look: Perfect Day

I know everyone knows about Perfect Day and the Royal Wedding and whatnot, so I’m not going to insult your intelligence. If you didn’t, I have two questions for you- are you living under a rock and have you googled it yet? Still, Kate’s dress at Perfect Day is gorgeous, and since Perfect Day is mainly superstar, I’m here to show you how to... *drumroll* Get the Look!

The Look:
As soon as I saw that Kate Middleton’s skirt, veil, and bouquet weren’t superstar I knew exactly what I was going to do for this episode of Get the Look!

So you pair it with the Pretty in Love Whitney Port shirt. In total... 31 Stardollars for a gorgeous wedding dress. Whoo!

I hope you love it as much as I do! Not as much as Kate's real dress, of course, but under the circumstances I think that this dress is pretty cool. (Off-topic: to the tune of the SNL sketch; it's pretty cool!)

Do you like this look?


E! Live from the Red Carpet...

E! presents to you... E! live from The Red Carpet!

With all the Dollywood parties going on, how could we NOT have this? To celebrate this new show, we're going to kick it off with the first episode, right here, right now.

Our Media Partner, Stardoll Fashion-Lifestyle recently had their re-opening party. It was held on the 30th of April, 7pm GMT. The dress code was 'Paris', inviting us to take inspiration from French/Paris designers.

The invitation:

I thought it was very well made, excpet for the fact that one of the feet that had a little too much shading.

Arriving at the party... with 4 people. Bummer. At least the guest list grew to 8 people later on. Even though we were so little people we all still had a great time. Some announcements were made. One by Gillian (JuciiMami827, our Jucii and Nicki take Dollywood star) that she was indeed not leaving Stardoll, despite what rumors have been saying... phew!

This party was special for E!, because of this:

E! was indeed Media Partners with this party, which gave a lucky Stardoll the chance to be featured in some of our shows! But yes... the entries have now closed!

My overall rating of this party was 8/10, mainly becuase of the little people that attended.

Great job Amanda! (LadyGagaMcQueen)


SugarShoez (sugar103)