Saturday, May 28, 2011

Seeing Music : 'Don't Stop The Party'

First seeing the Music Video, I was kinda disappointed. Guys! 6 minutes without any lip singing, 6 minutes without a story... Just 6 minutes of NOTHING!

Today I don't hate as much as I hated it when I first saw it.
But I still don't really like it, I haven't bought the Music Video on iTunes and never ever listen to the Music.
So it's a both disappointment for the Music and the Music Video.

But without thinking about that, just let me talk to you my thoughts about the Music Video.

Of course 'Don't Stop The Party' should be a long Music just because of the title, but a song like a party needs to be stop anyway. So is that okay for 6 minutes ? Yes, it could be worse.
Then I think that the shots are good, but not Amazing, they're from shows, their life traveling the world and seeing a lot of things. Most of the time they're in Brazil.

But there is not a lot of futuristic things...

Well this post was short, but I don't really like the Music Video, so I just let you tell me if you like it or not on the comment section of the post.

Now, as every end of post, enjoy the Music Video :


Dei // To_Royal said...

You know.. not all music videos have to have a purpose, a related video to the song, or have to show them doing anything for that matter.

Its just a video.. they are just showing themselves having a good time and performing.. which equals.. 'don't stop the party' to them.

Just saying.

LadyGaGaMcQueen said...

Of course you're right.
I'm just saying why I don't really like it. The thing is that I don't really like minimalist things. And for me this video is a bit too long for not such interesting shots.
But I agree with you :)

evermore1girl said...

I didn't mind the video However the song wasn't my favourite of theirs