Sunday, July 17, 2011

"Crazy Fashion"

Hey everyone,I am teenemogirl (a trial writer) and i will be writing about "Crazy Fashion" which is FUNNY :P,okay now let's see,today's post;

Let's comment on every photo
,now this. ^^
If i saw someone wearing i will be like dying from laughing.xD

Well,i can see your body if you wear this! :P

This is not a dress,if you wearing it,then this your home.xD and maybe even you can't get inside your real home because you will be so big! :P
This outfit is called, "70's Bush." Ladies, this is what happens to you if you don't shave down there.

If you hate someone,you can buy them,so you just compare them with the shoes,or hit them with it! :P

Oooo,No comment. :P

You can put some birds inside with you,as accessory!

seven pictures,because 7 is my luckiest number.xD
Byee,for NOW!



To_Royal said...

I noticed this post simply because it was the first one I saw on my Blogger dashboard when I logged on today.

But I simply only have two points to make, one, you should work on your grammar a bit, and two, those are more high fashion looks, so though they may be funny to you, to others they are chic and a form of art. Though I am not gun ho about ALL high fashion looks, but the way you made it, it just looked like you were merely showing looks you thought were funny and laughing. I know 'E' is suppose to be an entertainment blog. But it seems you were the only one entertained. :P

But I encourage you to try to make a more detailed post so that way it doesn't just look like you were rambling on about outfits you thought to be ugly. You have potential to be a great writer :D

Habiba&Nada ♥ said...

Maybe it's just your opinion,But i have NEVER seen ANYONE IN THIS WORLD,wearing this,and i bet you will never just wear this,anyway it's just your opinion and my opinion. :/

Nojarama said...

You seem so arrogant towards avant garde. Educate yourself hon

Anna said...

it's really creazy fashion..