Saturday, July 2, 2011

Seeing Music : 'I Wanna Go'

"Shame on me!"

First, I like that kind of things! I mean the credits are not awful letters with an awful font that the director added on the shots! 

I like the idea of the conference, it's really original.

But personally, I hate her outfits...

I think that if there is a sign... It means the past when she was at Disney!

Is that a new style? Is she changing? Or does it means that it's not her she acting someone else?

I would say that she's acting like a teenager... She wants to go!!! She's doing sexy things, just for being commercial (I have no problem with commercial things!) so it's good actually.

Kill them with a microphone!!!

That's not... good-looking... but it's original!

But they are robots!!! Are realizing that there is a story! I like this Music Video! Seems to be fun! :)


When she realize that it's a dream... This is the most 'cliché' thing, so I'm a bit disappointed by an end like that...

Last thing... Is that for MJ??? Hmm... Yes, so it's good! ;D

So what do you think about the music video???

Now, please, enjoy, the, Music, Video!!!

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Chihiro said...

Totally cheesy but awesome nonetheless!