Saturday, September 3, 2011

E! News Perez vs. Ruubin: Attention seeking?

By this time most of you have probably read about the PerezStarGossip/Ruubin/Jack fallout. If not, click here and here to read the full story.

My first reaction when I finished reading those posts was: What?!?

First of all, why would Perez post that GB comment. Every single 'well-known' person on Stardoll has haters, alot of them hate each other, but do you see anything posted on a blog such as PSG? Why would Perez post that on her blog? I think it's:

1) To make people hate Selena

2) For people to give attention to her/her blog/ etc.

I understand, I would get fed up to if Selena kept pestering me in my GB and comments, but why not block her? I would. I think she doesn't block her because of all the attention it gets. Face it, PSG is like the attention rising blog of the modern Stardoll era.

Second of all, why did Selena have to admit to everything? Like how she 'hacked-but-didn't-really' Jack. This too I think was to get attention. It definatly got mine.

My verdict: This is nothing personal to anyone of them. This is playing the attention seeking game.


SugarShoez (sugar103)

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