Sunday, September 11, 2011

Seeing Music : 'Fly'

"Get ready for it...
Get ready for it...


I really love the lycris, the firsts time I listen to it I almost cried! I felt very bad this day, and it cheered me up. I really like the fact that Nicki invited Rih' to do it with her. Their voices match so good together and this song is full of emotion.

Nicki is still Nikci... she'll never change her style, and it's good to see that!

About Rihanna... Wow! I'm realizing that... She's been around since 2005, yes! Six f*ckin' years, and for me she's a diva, she accomplished so much things... and she's only 22!

Well, that's what the song is about for me, she came to conquer the world.

Then, nothing will change these 2 amazing girls, and it's good to have them on the music industry. They deserve their fame, and so this song with this Music Video.

So what do you think about the Music Video?

Now enjoy the Music Video :

P.S. Today is a special day... New York is on my heart.
And would you think that the planes mean something about this date???
That's a good question, no?

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