Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Get The Dirt

Are you the next gossip writer of Dollywood? The next writer people can't get enough of? If you think so, you better read this:

Beg for More and E! of Stardoll is searching for the next great writer. You need to have wit, talent and excellent writing skills!

The prizes are:

1. 50 Stardollars (or gifts of your choice worth 50 Stardollars)

2. A writing posistion on E! of Stardoll as the E! News presenter.

3. Your entry (post) on both Beg for More and E!

Worth writing for, hey?

Follow these instructions to enter:

1. Write a gossip post about anyone or anything. Remember we want you to Get The Dirt.

2. Send your entry to sugar103@live.co.za


By message to sugar103

(I prefer email)

3. Remember to include your Stardoll username in your entry.


1. No bad mouthing. We want a post that is classy but still entertaining. You have to write gossip, but try to do it without hurting anyone. True gossip writers can deliver the dirt without the mud.

2. The post has to be your own work/writing.

3. You are not allowed to recieve help from anyone else on Stardoll.

4. Our decision is final.

Anyone found to break these rules will be cut from the competition.

Can't wait for your entries!


Alice and Selena