Sunday, June 12, 2011

Seeing Music : 'Man Down'

''I just Shout a Man Down,
In central Station"


I really, really love the Music and I really, really like the Music Video!

So the thing is clear : REVENGE!

I wan't say it explicitly, cause I'm sure you'll understand. Rihanna wants revenge, so she kill this man.
But then she regrets...

There are really magnificent shots like this one :
It's in Kingston (Jamaica)

Rihanna knows how to make emotional things.

So I have nothing else to add... when you like something you feel a bit speechless.

But the question i'm asking you are interesting...

What do you think about the Music Video ?
Would you do the same as Rihanna ?

Now, as every end of posts, here's the Music Video :


evermore1girl said...

Her hair is different again :O

LadyGaGaMcQueen said...

I love them btw! :)