Saturday, June 4, 2011

Seeing Music : 'Run The World (Girls)'

Beyoncé's BACK!

And better than ever!

It's clear, Beyoncé wants the Girl power and that's what she sings about in her song!

I do really enjoy the Music and the Music Video... But let's make a little joke here.
I just wanted to make a list of such weird things that could be hard to explain or get.

(Girls are fierce like that animal ???)

(Girls are... repressed ???)

(Girls are 'nothing' so can't say anything against men ???)

Could that be an answer ? Honey B. looks fierce with this lion and 'her ladies' looking not so happy at all!

I love her McQueen Dress!

OH-MY-GOSH!!! This is weird but I love it!!!

Now talking about Fashion this is my favorite outfit :

Talking about Nails, I love it :

Then if I had to say something about the shots : I love it!
I really enjoy all of them and so the Music Video, but there is one thing that I may say about the it : it looks a bit messy. Why am I saying that ? Because I have no fix shots. We just loose our self into the Music Video but we don't get into it because there are no place that's every time following all the other scenes, it's like : we are going to another point of the Music Video, so we go on!!!
But this is kinda original, and the only reason I'm saying that is because I never saw that before.

Last thing about my favorite shot : when I'm listening to this Music on my iPhone and I'm out of home (in France it's Spring so it's really hot) when this part came to my ear I can't imagine myself without this water coming on me! I know it's weird but it works! :D

Don't forget to tell me what do you think of this Music Video on the comment section.
Do you agree with me ?
Do you like the Music Video ?

Now you know the thing, as every end of post, here's the Music Video :


SugarShoez said...

I love the Music Video! It's so OUT THERE!

LadyGaGaMcQueen said...

Yeah! That's also what I love!!! :)

evermore1girl said...

I like all her outfits, they are gorgeous