Saturday, February 26, 2011

E! Gossip with Winniegirl123; Poohg_1993?

Hey! I'm Winniegirl123 a.k.a. the gossip end of E!

I am here to dig deep and find out everything there is to know about all of the elites out there, so beware! Or sometimes, I may just give you the upfront news, though whatever it is I'm sure it will have you wanting more!

Note: Do not take anything I write personally, it is for entertainment purposes only.

Now, everyone out there has to know about Poohg_1993! Remember, she was famous for her exquisite sense of style, amazing presentations and one very peculiar thing... being hacked so many times!

Isn't she just gorgeous? Who could think that someone could change a person as beautiful as her into someone like this...

Of course, the HACKER can!

In the past year Mandy (Poohg_1993) has been hacked several times, several too many if you ask me! In all the times she has got hacked, nearly every rare has been sold, though she has managed to buy them back. This time it was a little different, the hacker didn't change the password so Mandy was still able to access her account so she could write a quick note on her presentation alarming everyone and telling them not to buy her rares.

That was a few days ago, though now if you search her name, you will see her account has been DELETED! Though don't fret, if you go to her back up account you will see this on her presentation...

She has contacted the stardoll staff to see who has been messing with her account and soon everything will be back to normal!

So I guess everything really does have a happy ending.

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evermore1girl said...

My friend was involved in this during the hacking she paid on paypal for a rare and now she is getting blamed for robbing it when she didn't even get the chance to finish the buying them but she payed. she lost loads of money .
It is time this hacker was stopped...

juicy-much said...

Oh, I hope she does get her account back!