Monday, February 28, 2011

Can you believe it...

*I found this draft by Jazzy..Chic she made brfore she left the blog. I though you might enjoy it. Also, stay tuned for a Style Star later today by Nour (kaami1990)*

Hello ladies, gentelmen and fashion fans :)

Jasmine is here with more fashion tips.

Umm... I was going to post about something that has to do with spring and summer,

but sadly not many elites are following this trend...

Lets hope they will next week shall we ?

Anyways, any lady loves clothes, shopping, make-up, nail polish... But also they LOVE or should I say ADORE accessories !!

So ... When I was searching through the internet, I saw some attractive , gorgeous and wonderful accessories so I thought I would share some with you :

Gorgeous bow/headband

Wonderful golden bag

And cute butterfly necklace


Oh and by the way, as we're talking about great necklaces

Some of our dear Stardoll elites are wearing this trend :)

And as we can see :

Yes ... It is our gorgeous Dei (To_Royal) . Comments - O-M-G ... Dei , Dei and Dei ... He outfits are positivly creative! So if you're searching for the meaning of "Creativity" then Dei is your right adress. Actually I always look up to her because of her fashion side.Adorble outfit as usual Dei . y 5/5 from E!


Wondering who is the other elite following this trend ? :

It's none other then Kasia (Undamyumbrella). Comments-I think Kasia's style is mostly colorful in a elegant way. She usse dark red ,dark blue, dark yellow etc ...

*And then she saved the draft! Haha! This is sugar103 posting someone else's work because she too lazy to get her but of the couch and think of ideas for her show. Also, please remember that this info (and outfits) were valid at the time of writing*



*Article by kaami1990

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