Sunday, February 27, 2011

Poll! What Shows are YOU looking forward to?

What Do YOU Think of the New Line Up of Coming Shows So Far?

Kiss On The Lips with GossipGirl4real

 Are you looking forward to Kiss on the Lips?
Yeah, Seems interesting!
Eh, I Don't Know yet.
Not Really, I'm not interested.

Jucii and Nicki Take Dollywood 
w/ Tapstar321 and Juciimami827
Are you looking forward to Jucii and Nicki Take Dollywood?
Are You Kidding? Yes, Can't wait!
Not Really.

How Do I Look? with ZOE_Couture
Are you looking forward to How Do I Look?
I LOVE the idea! I am definitely looking forward to it.
I have no clue.

What Shows are you looking forward to the most?
What are your Ideas?
Comment How You Feel!

"Because No Matter What... You Know Your Watching E!"

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