Friday, February 18, 2011

The Big Day is Here!

Ladies and Gentlemen...

I am proud to announce that E! of Stardoll launches on tomorrow, 18 February 2011. We have some VERY exciting suprises for you up our sleeve. But as of now, the officail E! of Stardoll Team:

sugar103 (SugarShoez): Owner, Writer, Events organiser

winniegirl123: Writer

JuciiMami827: Writer, Graphic Designer

tapstar321: Creative Director, co-writer (with JuciiMami27)

We also have a suprise personality that will join us tomorrow. Keep your eyes on the screen people! Of course I wouldn't leave you without something exciting going on:


Come to the opening of E! Is that all? No!
What should you say?
Give us 10 reasons why you should win. Win what you ask? LE


You have to be a follower of the blog.
Comment witn your blogger account and include your Stardoll username.
One entry per person

Remeber that you also get a SS gift for every 5 people you invite to the blog.

With that said... see you tomorrow.

SugarShoez (sugar103)

1 comment:

juicy-much said...

Hi, I love the blog so far! You have wonderful writers!
Why I should win:
1. I am/try to be a loyal reader and commenter.
2. Will try to get as many people as I can to follow.
3. Would love to win something for once!
4.I would love the honour of owning something so exquisite as LE.
5. I am non-ss, so I have no chance of buying it in Starplaza.
And I ran out of ideas :/
But awesome blog!