Saturday, February 19, 2011

Style Star :Classic,simple and elegant!

Hey gorgeous :)
I am Jasmine aka Jazzy..Chic
I am here to post about Style Star.
If you ever wanted to look like an elite,or you ever wanted to know about their style...
Then I am here to help you !
Our first post is about two wonderful girls .
Wonder who they are?
I'llgive you some hints.
1-We all known her by Miss Diva. Fashionable,strong and amazing , sweet girl.
It's none other than our great Lolita (Miss_LolitaF).
2-So fashionable,trendy and creative. Amazing MeDoll and suite, amazing outfits. Always surprises us with her wonderfull ideas.. It's diffenatly out wonderful Jenny (Bubblyminty).
There style is a bit alike ... in what way ?
Lets have a look here :
(Miss_LolitaF in the picture)
Her style-So elegant and cute. But fashionable of course, this is Lolita :)
She looks wonderful here even though her style is simple! Wearing an amazing long dress and amazing earings ... How simple is that? BUT AMAZING .!
5/5 From E! Lolita.
(Bubblyminty in the picture)
Her style-Oh dear Jenny...I adore her style. She makes things up, she creates her outfits herself
and this IS creativty itself .She wore an elegent black,long dress and another short dress (Two dresses) !Fashionable fur on her shoulders (DUH :]) And long dress gloves ,and I must add and say that I love her bag, so fashionable Jenny .
5/5 From E! Jenny.
What they have in common ?
Both chose to wear long dresses,and chose to be classy and elegant, but they never forgot their fashion sense.Well done to each of you!
How to dress like them ?
Wear long dresses. If you want to have Lolita's style be simple but fashionable. If you want Jenn's style, be fashionable and create your clothes, mix things together in smart way.
So,I really hope that you've enjoyed the post...more to come soon!
Thats it for now :)
Ok then, until next time
~Jasmine xoxo


Nextpingugirl said...

Jenny doesn't have a simple look. I say that is sophisticared.

juicy-much said...

I love their looks, except for the hair. This is my opinion, but I think that if they chose a different hair style, it would make a big difference.

Nicole Jones - Tapstar321 said...

Good post! :)