Monday, April 11, 2011

Doll Showdown: Ruubin vs freeduck_

Hey there, competitive dolls.
This is the first ever episode of Doll Showdown, created by me, GossipGirl4real.

The first two dolls that I chose to compete for the Doll Showdown championship today are very well known.
They are known for their blogs and the blogs that they write for. They are also known to be good friends, although sometimes they argue. They're Ruubin (Selena) and freeduck (Jack)

Maybe they're both great writers, but there can be only one who is greater than the other when it comes to Stardoll accounts.

Let the showdown begin!

                                                     Selena                                Jack

The first one that i'm going to judge is their medoll (and the outfit that they're wearing when this post was made.)
I can honestly say that Selena's doll looks better. She looks professional and very classy compared to Jack. Even though I always love edgy outfits, I kinda hated Jack's.

Selena = 1 point
Jack = 0

SUITES (Only the room where the medoll is)


Selena got 2 points in a row for me. Her suite is very organized and pleasant to the viewers eye, on the other hand Jack's suite looks messy. His suite maybe cute, but it looks unfinished.

Selena = 2 points
Jack = 0
1 more point to Selena and we will have a winner :O

Sceneries (The first scenery display only)


1 word: ewww!
What's these? I can't believe I just called these things "scenery."

No points for both!

I think we found our winner, and it's Ruubin. Even if we didn't checked both of their albums, Selena already have 2 points and Jack has none, which means he's not gonna be able to catch up.

Congratulations, Selena. You're now the current Doll Showdown Champion!

And now for the viewers, if you think you're better than the current champion then post a comment here with your stardoll username.
You might get a feature here and face Selena on Monday ;D

Will she be able to hold the title for long?
only time will tell.


Ruubin said...

THIS is a fucking EPIC segment! And the fact that I won makes it even more epic xD About the scenery, I got something free and I didn't bother making it good xD DAMN how I LOLed xD

LadyGaGaMcQueen said...

I'm on the E! staff, but if I'm allowed I wanna be next VS with Selena !

Cleo said...

For one thing, I have to say that was a LOT better then kiss on the lips ;). The idea was just better in general. Thing 2: I'm also in E! but I totally wanna go against Sel!

Cleo said...

Oh- and I forgot. I'm ---Neon---.

jackbitch said...

OMG, don't judge my unfinished Suite, I suck at Suite designing. YAY SELENA!

liajm said...

Haha, I have to agree: epic (:

You're good selena -- But I'd like to challenge you (: let's see if I have what it takes! (username: liajm)

Anonymous said...

Hey Stacy!
Great post.
Love your judging skills and how in depth you judged them both as well as the added description. Well done!
Congratulations to Selena and Commiserations to Jack.
I would like to be featured if you don't mind but as you've already featured me in a post I don't want to pester.
Love you,
Natalie x :)
Stardoll Name - Babyxnatalie

Anonymous said...

This is such a cool segment! I dare to challenge the EPIC Selena! I'm Funkylicious BTW =]

Mar said...

my doll's name is dolli33, thanks so much

link to my suite:

IrishLily09 said...

IrishLily09 lol xD

Sydney said...

User: StarSyd3333
I challenge you, Selena [:

Anna said...
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