Saturday, April 9, 2011

Seeing Music : 'Till The World Ends'

Hi, guys ! LadyGaGaMcQueen here !
So today I'm gonna talk about Britney new Music Video !

Till The World Ends

"Keep on dancing till the world ends."

Do you know this date ?

This is the world ends date for the Maya Calendar. You should also know that a Movie was made last year about that date : '2012'.

First I just want to say that scientists are not sure about that date and maybe this is really the world ends ! What scientists say is that they're sure it will happen something at this date, but they don't know what exactly so they can't tell us...

But this is another topic and I'm here to talk about the Music and the Music Video !

Who's Ray Kay ? Well... he made 'Poker Face' Music Video...
Such as Jonas Akerlund made 'Hold It Against Me' but before he made 'Paparazzi' and 'Telephone'.
I'm not saying that she's copying, because she's not ! But she's only taking the same GaGa's Director for her Music Videos, and I'd rather say that if she want to be the best, she need to do it ! 

So the story could be normal, or as expected but I really like it ! People are getting hot and stones are falling from the sky so they need to find a safe place in the sewers of a city in order to join Britney on it.

Then if I had to talk about the colors of the shots, I'd say that I love it too ! This kind of gold with this copper and bronze is wonderful !

(I love her dress !)

(And that jumpsuit !)

As she needs to wait until the world ends. She dances and she still is an amazing dancer !

And at the end of the Video...

The World is safe !

I'll let you think about that...

So what do you think about the Music Video ?
Do you like it ?
Do you like her outfits ?
The way she dances ?

And now as every end of post here's the Music Video. Enjoy !

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