Sunday, April 10, 2011

Goodbye Kiss on the Lips, Hello Doll Showdown!

The latest episode of "Kiss on the Lips" is officially the last one you'll see.
I just ran out of ideas from that show and wanted to introduce you, the viewers, to a whole new idea.

I will have a new show here and will drop "Kiss on the Lips."
My new show is entitled: Doll Showdown!

From the title itself, I guess you've already guessed that this show includes competitions.

Basically, this show is about comparing. I will feature two dolls in every episode and will compare them based on their looks, suites, sceneries and albums. The winning doll will have the title of "Doll Showdown Champion" and she will have to defend it on other competitors who wants to challenge her.

Sounds exciting right?
The first episode of "Doll Showdown" will be posted tomorrow.
For now, just fix your dolls, suites, sceneries and albums because you might be the first one to get featured here.

Be Yourself...

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Finsky said...

That sounds really cool : excitng!