Sunday, April 17, 2011

Style Star : Glamour & Party Looks! *MAKE-UP!*

Hey, pretty! It's Nöur , I haven't posted in ages, sorry for you people out there who have been waiting for this post! Anyways, I am here with new fashion post! Today, is an exclusive episode. We're going to be talking about glamour looks! And I am doing a Make-Up tip. ! Yaay! Let's start! A girl we all know, a fashionable girl! With her amazing fashion-line she surprised people... And YES it's none-other than our lovely Marcela a.k.a .Marcela..

About her outfits - I totally get what Marcela was trying to achieve through this look. She tried to mix-between summery-look and glamoury-party-ish look and she totally achieved it! What I think - O-M-G , I am so in-love with those outfits! No, seriously, I am! And with this hair-style she added a touch of classy, into her outfits. I am totally in-love! 55 From E! Next, a girl who is very well-known by creating the first ever-Stardoll magazine, oh-yes! It's our gorgeous Style a.k.a Style_Magazine

About her outfits - Style, was trying to wear-something elegant, and party-ish something... that will beautifully stand out. With that hair-style, Style made her outfits look girly which is simply amazing! What I think - Seriously, Style IS stylish! Her outfits are so simple, yet amazing. But what also, made her outfits look prettier and stand-out even more is her Make-up and hair!

55 From E! Now that we saw their outfits... It's the time for Make-Up! I decided to do Marcela's make-up (Style's make-up was very hard, haha, and I didn't have some of the items) , let's have a closer look atf her gorgeous MeDoll :-

Her make-up - Marcela only used the well-known Black and White Make-up, red blusher, small-amount of LUXE's Lip-gloss, and completed her look with a beautiful earrings. Now let's try and achieve the perfect Marcela look!

After you do those steps ^ let's get on with the make-up :-

I hope you enjoyed ! What do you think ? xoxo Nöur