Sunday, April 24, 2011

Get The Look: Kate Spade

Let me just say, I love Kate Spade! It’s even my theme for Google Chrome. Dedication, right? ;). And who would think a designer would be a theme? Anyway, know who else loves Kate Spade? Spencer Hastings from Pretty Little Liars (not the actress, though I’m sure she does too, the actual character from the books and everything), and that should be enough for anybody! But if it isn’t just look at this ad campaign.

Kate Spade

The design includes some of the biggest trends, including color, stripes, and long-strapped bags! Here’s how to Get The Look.

The Look:

Wow, that Wild Candy checkered dress is a knockout. It's got lots of funky checkers in a whole array of different, bright colors. It is pretty much made exactly to look like Kate Spade! And you can tell by the 14 SD price tag.

The Evil Panda green apple shoulder purse for 4 SD is in perfect keeping with the long-strapped bag trend, and it comes in a vivid lime green. I adore the color and the overall design of this bag, there's something just irresistibly fun about the apple shape, although some people may say it's tacky...

Head over to Pretty in Pink to pick up the pretty sandals, 3 SD. They look a lot like the heels in the ad campaign, don’t they?

To accessorize the look (bags and shoes aren’t accessories, they’re necessities) grab the Pink Pearl necklace at 5 SD. It really finishes off the look nicely, doesn’t it? Plus, it matches the shoes, and while many people think that the biggest thing you wear is the focal point (the thing with the most "area" in Math Geek terms), I do love my shoes.

Wow, with something as unique and (not classically) stylish as Kate Spade, it’s a shame Fashion Week already ended for this year! I think I deserve a spot on the runway next year, what about you?

Don’t answer that... I already know what you’re going to say.


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