Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Kiss on the Lips: Zoe Hearts Chad?

Welcome to the first ever episode of Kiss on the Lips.
On this episode, we're going to focus on two of the most successful bloggers in Stardoll, Zoe_Couture and MadWorld.

With Zoe(Zoe_Couture) working on Chad's(Madworld) blog people are starting to speculate that there is romance involved between them.

I had the chance to interview Zoe about all the rumors between them and Chad, and more.

GG4R: There are rumours going on in 'Dollywood' saying you have a crush with Chad (Madworld) is it true?

Zoe: Hahah no, he's such a sweet guy but he's just my bestest friend on here.

GG4R: How did you and Chad became close to each other?

Zoe: We just got on well from the start, we have the same sense of humour and he reminds me of my guy best friend in real life :)

GG4R: Have you ever had any past relationships? if yes, can you tell us how did it go.

Zoe: On Stardoll, no. I'm not the virtual dating type to be honest.

GG4R: Any advice to girls about love?

Zoe: Hmm...be yourself and that way you'll find a guy who likes you for you and not for what you're pretending to be :)

GG4R: What do you look for in a boy?

Zoe: He should have a good sense of humour, be easy to talk to, good looks, confident (but not over confident) and of course, sweet :)

GG4R: Thanks Zoe.

My Conclusion:
Maybe they are JUST friends, but Chad still has a BIG chance to be with Zoe. 
Why did I just said that?
Just look at Zoe's answer to my last question. Doesn't her answer screams the name Chad?

Anyway, I am not able to give you Chad's side on this story because of his frequent absents in Dollywood.
I did found this message from his presentation though:

Awwww he loves Zoe.... a lot.

Too bad they're just friends..... or are they?



evermore1girl said...

I think its good Zoe has such a close friend on stardoll. guys can be easier to talk to sometimes

Anna said...

well, how did the rumor think about that, it never get in my mind!

Ashlyn Vonyord said...

I love hearing old elite gossips...this is very cute. My stardoll user is Barbiedress123