Sunday, March 20, 2011

Born This Way by Lady Gaga (Part III)

BORN THIS WAY by Lady GaGa (Part III)


So to end up these 3 episodes of Born This Way posts, I'm making a post about the references. You saw the Fashion ones which were just too much for beeing in this post with others.

So here are the ones I saw.

1. The Unicorn

First that what she said about it on her twitter:

Otherwise she killed 'OtherStuffedPrincesses' :

Also she has a tatoo in her left leg where is written : Born This Way.

2. The Manifesto

Did you ever go to the Monster Ball ?
I did !

And that what I saw as an interlude.

So she uses it in Born This Way, but she made her own Manifesto !

3. Be A Queen

When she says : ''Don't be a drag, just be a queen.''
She also makes something really cool with her hands.

Of course it makes me think about it.

4. My parents ?

Hmmm... I think that nobody understood this last reference.

Michael Jackson and Madonna !

I would first say that talking about birth, she wanted to say that she's their spiritual daughter ! But it's too easy ! And GaGa doesn't make easy things...

So what do you think about those references ?
And did you saw others that I can put on this post ?
Write it in a comment and I'll answer.

And now as every end of post, please enjoy the video !


evermore1girl said...

I would never have got the thing about Michael Jackson and Madonna, you really know your stuff, what a great post...

LadyGaGaMcQueen said...

Thanks ! Well I'm not of doing a great post like this one for my other favorites artists actually ! I'm a big fan of GaGa and that's why I know all of these references but for example I couldn't explain some sentences of Nicki Minaj's songs ! :) But I'll try my best, thanks again !