Sunday, March 13, 2011

Seeing Music : 'Born This Way' (Part II)

BORN THIS WAY by Lady GaGa (Part II)

GaGa and Fashion

First I'll talk about fashion
Well, I love GaGa wearing underwear, so this is basically what people likes, or not !
Then I'll just let you judge by seeing those references.

Lady GaGa : head accessory ALEXIS BITTAR, diamond neckpiece ERICKSON BEAMON 
earrings PAMELA LOVE , stained glass dress by PETRA STORRS

Lady GaGa : finger rings by ERICKSON BEAMON, technical chiffon by MUGLER

LadyGaGa : shoes by NATACHA MARRO 
Raquel Zimmerman : bodysuit ATSUKO KUDO, neckpiece THE BARONESS

Lady GaGa : bodysuit by ATSUKO KUDO, shoes by KOBI LEVI

Lady GaGa : knife shoes by MUGLER 

Lady GaGa : dress by SORCHA O RAGHALLAIGH , gloves by PORTOLANO

Rico : harness by VOID OF COURSE , technical chiffon by MUGLER

Lady GaGa : bra by OMD, undewear by NYC SEX TRASH BY STEPHANIE PATEREK, gloves by LACRASIA, customized half sole shoes by CAPEZIO

Lady GaGa : customized born this way jacket by TOM TOM

Lady GaGa : tuxido outfit by MUGLER
Rico : tuxido outfit by MUGLER

Lady GaGa : shirt and pants HAUS OF GAGA, shoes NATACHA MARRO, belt BILLYKIRK, gloves LACRASIA

Well she wears outifits by The Haus Of GaGa, Mugler and other various unknown designers...
So if I had to say something about that sentence above, I'd say that Haus Of GaGa do everything with GaGa, so it's normal. Nicolas Formichetti (GaGa's stylist since 2009) is now the Creative Director of Mugler so it's also normal that she put Mugler outfits. And then she's always used to give a chance to new designers, that are unknown by everyone, so that's normal.

But when you see the outfits, they are such GaGa, and I personally love it.

Now we can talk about GaGa !!!

The first thing I saw is her face and body.

Which is not normal.

She's still really sexy by her poses...

She tatooed all her face !

She cut her fringe.

And for me she may don't eat enough...

Then for this second part I decided to ask one of my friends to ask her what she thinks about the outfits of GaGa :

She simply said :

"Oh love Lady Gaga's outfits! My favorite would have to be the tuxedo one!"

Then here's my question : what do you think about GaGa in the Video and her clothes ?


Nojarama said...

Did you copy the info from Nicola Formichetti's blog?

LadyGaGaMcQueen said...

Yes :) ... Do I need to say that !?! His infos was a bit a mess... Don't you think? Anyway, I rather prefere say that on a comment. It's my source.