Saturday, March 5, 2011

You think you're so much better?

Hey everyone! Winniegirl123 here with this weeks E! Gossip.

Todays big question is, do elites think they are so much better than the rest of us?

Here is one of stardolls bigges elites, Miss_LolitaF. Do you want to know why she is famous? For making some huge projects and then just dropping them. And for of course, saying she was leaving TWICE and came back after two days.

If any of you are following her formspring, then you will know that Lolita has
a very bitchy way of answering. She has very blunt answers, and it seems like she really doesn't care about any of the people that ask her. Here are two questions I took from her formspring...

Someone had just asked her if she wanted to add her on Gmail, though then, Lolita answers in a very mean, but simple way 'I don't want to.'

One of her many admirers decided to give her a little note, though instead of saying Thank you, she says 'I have no idea who the fuck you are.' Kind... right?

So, you think it all stops there? But no, that's on
ly the beginning. If you check her guestbook, you will see many mean comments, here are a few...

Someone kindly asked her who the owner of The Stardoll Insider was, and instead of saying something kindly, she says it in a really arrogant way.

Then, someone wants to be her friend, and Lolita tells her to prove herself to become her friend.

Lolita can be nice when you get to know her properly, though up until then... she's a real bitch.

Until next time,

Also, remember to post in the comments anyone that you would like me to interview for my next post!

Remember, all of this was written for entertainment purposes only, and nothing should be taken seriously.


Miss_LolitaF said...

I think that Catriona should be fired, here's why;

Point A; The girl asked who owns the stardoll insiders (TSI) and not TSS.

Point B; Hun, I am not going to go around and tell people I love them on formspring without even knowing who they are.

I rate this post...well...3/10.
You got 3 just because of the pictures.

Winniegirl123/Catriona said...

Say whatever you like, though in case you missed it; this is for entertainment purposes only and nothing should be taken seriously.

juicy-much said...

Catriona,wonderful post, I enjoyed reading it.

Lolita, get over yourself. This is for ENTERTAINMENT nothing personal. Also, you are getting pretty "moody", but there's nothing wrong with that. Some people are famous for being bitchy. You may be an elite now, but dare I say it, people are starting to ignore you! Whatever happend to those brilliant projects you started? Or when was the last time you actually posted
on MDM? Get your act together, and don't go prancing around acting like you're better than everyone else.

Kim said...

Em...Hello its for entertainment-Sugarspicerosie