Saturday, March 19, 2011

Kiss on the Lips: Filipa Hearts Jason

Good day lover seekers, GossipGirl4real here.
I'm now here to give you some informations about the sweetest stardoll couple in stardoll history.

LLCoolJason and FilipinhaMaria
seems to be so in love with each other :P

Aren't they so sweet?
They have each other's faces and names on their presentations, sceneries, suites and more.

But like all strong relationships, this couple also has a lot of controversies on their back.
With the two of them living in different countries, some people find it impossible for these two to build a strong relationship, and so they thought that these two accounts are created by only one person.

The one-person theory seems to be true. Jason and Filipa has identical suites and presentations.

I think it's weird and shallow for someone to create two accounts and be famous on a virtual site, but some people still believes that they are different and are truly madly in love with each other.

I'm gonna leave you something to think about,
Do you think Jason and Filipa are only one person?



evermore1girl said...

No I would rather believe they were two people who really like each other and while dating over stardoll can be very tacky and so forth, if two people really like each other and aren't sending sick messages its sort of ok...

Anna said...

well, i think they're deffirent accounts in one-person! cuz how they love each other without fell in love in real life even knowing!!
that wierd:/