Sunday, March 20, 2011

Style Star: Spring Fashion Tips

Hey guys :)

I am Nour known on Stardoll as Kaami1990
I am doing 'Style Star' as Jasmine is leaving Stardoll because of her tests, school and real-life works...
I am your new Style Star writer! :)

So it's almost Spring,Spring means ....

*Thanks to Wikipedia for the picture*
Colors! In Spring (and summer too!) you can dress up with all different bright colors.
Colors are very important in fashion. True that Black and White are gorgeous elegant colors .. But still ! You can't replace colors with Black & White but you can't replace Black & White with colors. But since Summer & Spring are on the way .. I am talking to you about colors ...

Now looks like some Stardollians are following this awesome trend.

Here's two of them ..
Mirka (Mirka_17) is looking awesome in this gorgeous blue lace dress, futuristic milky-blue vest and absolutely beautiful summery bow wedges! Mirka, you look wonderful. The colors she used are brilliant. She look simple, yet gorgeous
5/5 from E!

Moving on to ...
Perez (PerezStarGossip) looks wonderful .. I have to say that I am in love with her outfits! Green & Yellow with touch of black ... She's looking gorgeous !! I have no words actually. I love the 'Captain Hat' she used with the 'Union Jack Print Handbag' ... She used some accessories which is great ...
5/5 from E!

Tips for 2O11's Spring..
  • Wear bright colors,and use the right fabric that is neither too flashy nor too plain.

Here's another trend, wear woven belts! It will make you look stylish. Usually woven belts are dark, so for example if you used brown woven belt don't wear brown ! w\Wear some bright colors, it's fine.

One of this Spring's trends is sun-glasses. For this season go for rounded frame sun-glasses.

Also here's another cool trend ! Try to wear jackets with a v-neck t-shirt or even u-neck t-shirt ! It will make you look fashionable and stylish.
*Pictures are taken from web-site*

Oh and here's some fashionable Stardollians that used this trend !
Feel free to comment on this post if you're wearing colorful outfits and I'll update the post !
I hope I helped :)
Thanks for reading !

Do you wear colorful outfits ?
Do you like colorful clothes ?
Are you excited about this Spring/Summer ?

OK until next week then.
~Nour xoxo~


Aggy said...

Brilliant post, I think we need a fountain of colours after the subtle winter:)

Btw, I'm wearing coloured outfit now, take a look at my doll, -


Miss.Analily said...

Cool post.
I love Blue.

Miss.Analily said...

Btw, I loved the tips.