Saturday, March 5, 2011

JNTD Episode One

Episode One: The Jumpoff
*The hot Dollifornia sun beamed down, warm and welcoming; reflecting brightly off the sunglasses of Gillian Maxwell and Nicole Jones as they strolled out of DWA(Dollywood Airport), letting their heels clack rhythmically on the bubblegum stained concrete... among other things. In great contrast to the filthy sidewalk, Nicki looked glamourous in a fresh off the rack, Limited Edition dress. Gillian, yet to grasp the fabric of anything with a Limited Edition tag, still looked stunning as she worked and LBD with a pair of Hot Buys shoes and complimenting jewelry.*

, enjoying the vibe of a bustling city: Hmm...I kinda like it. It has an edge, not boring unlike where we came from.

Gillian replying as she scanned the traffic-filled streets and shaking her head, annoyed, as a few people pushed their way through, scurrying to some business meeting: I hope I get used to this.

*As shiny limos passed by, glistening in the sun's rays, Nicole smiled delightfully, wanting a piece of the glamourous life. That is, afterall, the life she came here for. Gillian, tagging along and going with the flow was just thrilled to finally be able to visit with her friend Aislin, who moved here only a week ago to start her new job with Tyler's Top Trends. Gillian was happy to soak up all Dollifornia had to offer until she found her niche. Aislin, who had called Gillian on a daily basis to blab about the sights and wonders of Dollifornia, promised that 
she would whip up their favorite dishes when Gillian and Nicki arrived.*

spoke with a smile: You see all of these limos zooming by? We will be riding in them some day.
: Yeah, yeah, yeah let me grab a cab for us. 
Fantasizing glamor, well, a bright yellow cab will act as our limo.

*Gillian strutted to the side of the airport walkway, next to the street and planted her heel on the asphalt like a true New Starer and whistled loudly. Having to do this a second time, a cheesy yellow cab zipped up. After they put their luggage in the trunk, Nicki and Gillian were on their way to their soon-to-be-neighborhood, D'Angeles.*

*With wide eyes, like a child in a candy store, the girls sat on the edge of their seats, observing all that Dollifornia had to offer. The bittersweet idea of only passing through Dollywood was good enough for them. Even though they weren't living there and just passing through, the excitement of someday relocating to Dollywood sent bubbles of excitement through their chests. Gillian's eyes bulged as they passed Fashion Group's major skyscraper and Dioguardi Group's skyscraper as well. Continuing along the road in their taxi, they passed a billboard that boasted the words "MDM Reopening soon!". Noelle and Isabella graced the billboard with stunning poses that made Nicki and Gillian awe at their beauty. Nicki reached her tiny, manicured finger over and began to tap Gillian, furiously as she was still staring attently out of the window.*

After jerking up from the taps,
Gillian took her eyes from the window on her side, to Nicki and shreiked: What the heck, Nicki!!

*Gillian scooted over near Nicki and they peered out of the window together. Their matching grins went from ear to ear as they saw Elite News Headquarters. The besties were fans of the juice spilling new show, and went out of their way to watch it everyday at seven. With a methodic thump in their hearts, they were reminded of past days when they were in a small town. They would plop next to one another on the sofa with their buttery popcorn and attempt to wrestle the remote away from Aislin who would always make some horror movie, instead*

Nicki and Jucii's jumpy bodies felt like partying, even though they were trapped in this taxi for a couple more minutes, they rolled down the window and screamed "WE ARE HEREEEEEE!"

*After four more minutes of sight seeing, the girls' taxi passed a green sign saying 'Thank You for Coming To Dollywood, Darling' and then another sign stating 'Welcome to D'Angeles!' 
With the city buzzing with elites, shopping galore and future success now behind them, they sighed.

The taxi rolls up to a little apartment complex, dirtier and the buildings aren't quite as tall as what they have passed, and Nicki and Jucii realize that they are home. Bouncing out the cab, they paid the driver who thanked them with a nod, ~looking cute with black wafer glasses on and a stubbly haired chin.~

Nicki shakes her head getting this thought out of her mind.*

Texting friends back home and paying no mind to the cutie who just rode off with their money, Gillian exclaims: AHHH! *smiles* Let's go!

*The pair find themselves ascending a rather lenghty flight of stairs before arriving to suite 130 on the fifth floor. The small, one bedroom, one bathroom apartment boasted nothing close to glamour, but the lack of peeling wallpaper and dirty surroundings set the girls at ease. Feeling optimistic, they weren't even letting the parking lot view get in the way of their excitement. As Gillian examained the blank canvas and conjured up design ideas, Nicki was already on top of her business issues as she phone a friend, Nikki who was in charge of locating a home base for Forever Chic Magazine (Nicki's currently new and unsuccessful magazine).*

Glancing over the place once again, Gillian 
uttered: This is going to take some work.


Tapstar321- Nicole
Juciimami827- Gillian
AislinVictory- Aislin
lilzip101- Nikki
Writer: Juciimami827
Writer: Tapstar321
Editor: AislinVictory
Distributed By E! of Stardoll (Sugar103)

Tune In Next Friday, the Show's Regular Premiere Day of the Week, For the Next Episode of 
Jucii and Nicki Take Dollywood
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evermore1girl said...

amazing this is so fun and makes a change from the dark side of stardoll at the minute. you all work so well together..

Zoe_COUTURE said...

Loved it! :)

Miss_LolitaF said...

Loved it :):)

Nicole Jones - Tapstar321 said...

Thanks everyone! (:

KingofMedia said...

Woo woot! Great, sorry I could make the party, Dad and I had to pick my mom up from the spa.

Lulla96 said...

I loved it! Can't wait for more! <3 xx

SugarShoez said...

I loved it!

Jucii and Nicki did a great job! Sorry I couldn't be t the party, I had real life commitments.

Once again, love it!

SugarShoez (sugar103)

sd_is_da_best / Sinead said...

I really enjoyed reading this! Excellent work girls, can't wait for next weeks episode :)

Gina said...

I liked it however we all know that is was only good due to the fact AislinVictory edited it.

xx Gina

_StarHelen_ :) said...

Just amazing!!!

SugarShoez said...


I think both Jucii and Nicki are also good writers. If you take a look at Gillian's posts on other blogs, you'll see it's pretty much in the same style.

liajm said...

I loved it! It really made this little virtual world seem a tad more real (:

Gillian/Juciimami827 said...

Thanks Everyone!

@Gina So, you are saying that the show that Nicki and I wrote, made happen, visions were portrayed, and also edited, was only good because our friend edited it?
Doesn't that sound a little ignorant of you to say?
Nicki and My Visions were portrayed, Aisy was very helpful with editing since she is an editing genius, but don't get it twisted.
Without a story there would be nothing to edit.

Aislin Rane Victory said...

You Two have done a fabulous job and I am honored to be a part of it.

Dear Gina,
STFU, K Thnx Bai

Kim said...

Don't understand please tell me more about it in my stardoll guestbook


Kaami1990 said...

Very well written J'adore it! :)

Anna said...

Love it! amazing reality show:))